Second day of juice cleanse

The first day was hard. Ill admit. Im a little fatigued, getting out of bed is a little bit harder. My stomach does not feel good. I just don’t feel very good overall. Gotta press on, it will be worth it. And I know ill feel better soon. The thing is, Im not even hungry. That could change throughout the day, but I couldn’t even think about food, without being sick. The best way to describe the feeling would be, if you drank a bunch of a carbonated water or soda, and you feel like you have to burp, but you can’t burp. The other thing is, my brain isn’t quite working right. Kind of like my brain isn’t communicating with my hands, or my motor functions. Ill be doing a task and have done it a million times before, but Ill be just out of it and do something completely opposite of what Im supposed to be doing.


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