Going on a Juice Cleanse

Healthy eating is two very hard to do. Let alone stop completely. I know juice cleansing sounds very unhealthy. Stopping eating entirely??? YES! Going on a juice cleanse detoxes the body. It will empower you. I would love to inspire you to try this.


Tomorrow I will start my juice cleanse once again to detox my body. I will go for 30 days, ONLY DRINKING JUICE. Sounds crazy. I know. It really isn’t. you are not starving yourself because you are still giving your body all the nutrients it needs.

The first 3 Days

This is the hardest part of the whole cleanse. Your body has not yet shut of hunger, and your body is still getting its energy from things you put into it. You will have constant cravings, fatigue, possibly a headache, and will just down right feel like garbage. Not to worry, this is a GOOD THING!


The rest of your cleanse

After the third day your body will shut off hunger in your brain, and it runs on the nutrients from the juice and the fat that is stored in your body. You will actually start to feel good. your mind will be sharper. Your energy levels won’t fluctuate. You won’t feel tired all the time.


Let the weight melt off of you

My opinion is that you should not go on a juice cleanse for the sole purpose of losing weight. Although that can be a big reason, it should be to get healthy again, and to feel good. I encourage you to watch “Fat sick and nearly dead” the documentary. Essentially, an overweight man goes on a 60 day juice cleanse, and loses all his fat, and looks amazing after it. He inspires thousands of people to go on juice cleanses. Which actually inspired me to get into juicing in the first place.

Juicing is a lifestyle not just for losing weight

I am so happy I found juicing. It has improved every part of my life. My health, my mind, and simply the way I eat. You don’t need to be on a juice fast to integrate juice into your diet. Do your research on juicing and juice cleanses. Also research what kind of juicer you would like to buy if you don’t yet have one. I recommend the slow star juicer or the omega juicer, which is the one I have. Try to stick to a masticating juicer, which is a slow juicer.

Thanks for reading. Have an amazing day




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