Feeling distant from God

I am not here to tell you that I am perfect, and I have completely let Jesus into my life in every moment of my life. But I can tell you that when you do have his presence, life just seems to go a lot smoother. When you have the gift of the Holy Spirit, you flourish, In every part of your life. You have a different mindset, feel empowered. But there are a lot of times in my life where I cannot feel Jesus. When I stray from the path. It can go on for months at a time. Life can feel very chaotic at these times. As hard as it may feel in these times to pray, you need to just pray. Even though it feels like you are talking to nothing, and you feel no connection to the lord. The Devil will also try and put thoughts into your head, and try to stop you from praying. Ive also been there before, where you feel like you can’t even open your mouth to pray, and it takes all your will power to start. You just need to push on, and renounce satan. It will get easier as you get into your prayer. Being distant from God for months or years at a time can be stopped with a 5 minute prayer. Tell the lord you are sorry, and ask that he forgives your sins. Show your sincere love for the lord and mean what you say. The good lord will NEVER tun you down.

More to come, Have an amazing Day,  Thank youpexels-photo-533833.jpeg


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