Who in the busy world has any time to sit down and eat twelve carrots, a bunch of kale, and a ton of other fruits and vegetables. Maybe if your retired? Sounds exhausting though. Juicing has worked so well in my life. By drinking a glass right in the morning, gives my such great energy, and also results in a clear mind. I won’t get into the science of it, because there is certified research out there, but essentially your body does not need to process all the fibre of the vegetables, and it can absorb all the vitamins and minerals very quickly. Personally, I do not follow recipes. Yes there are a lot of great recipes out there, and yes I have tried some. My method is very unconventional, but I usually just go to the grocery store, fill up my basket with greens like Kale, Spinach, cucumber, a couple apples, etc. Bring it home, and start juicing. I make enough to last me 3 days. Juice starts to lose a lot of the good stuff after 3 days. Juicing has made me feel amazing and benefited my life in so many ways. My mood, my work life, my social life and my relationship. It has also made me lose weight. Not that I think people should get into juicing singlehandedly for losing weight. I highly recommend juicing to anyone. It will change your life. But before you invest yourself into it, DO YOUR RESEARCH.

Have a great day.


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